Top 5 all time best Online Educational Platforms for Teaching & Learning

Top 5 all time best Educational Websites/Portals  Teaching & Learning

1. Coursera (

Coursera is one of the largest online learning websites.  Coursera design and developed by  Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera Inc. is an American MOOC provider service established in the year 2012. Coursera providing more than 4000+ online courses and currently working and collaborating with world class 200+ leading universities and companies to offer online courses of certifications and degrees in a variety of subject areas like Data Science (425 courses), Business (1095 courses), Computer Science (668 courses), Health (471 courses), Social Sciences (401 courses), Personal Development (137 courses), Arts and Humanities (338 courses)
Physical Science and Engineering (413 courses), Language Learning (150 courses), Information Technology (145 courses), Math and Logic (70 courses) etc. (2021 record).

Coursera courses designed with duration of four to twelve weeks consisting  video lectures. also provide quizzes, assignments, weekly exercises,  project or exam for the completion of course.

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2. Khan Academy (

Khan Academy is a world class education provider for anyone, anywhere. 100% free education. It  is a non-profit educational organization that was founded in the year 2008, this academy mostly funded by donations coming from philanthropic organizations. It is one of the best educational websites in India for online learners. mostly it provides a free educational resources through their YouTube videos with personalized help containing short lessons, also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators and learners.

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3. Udemy (

One of the best online MOOC course provider containing more than 155,000 online video courses having courses in 75 languages. Udemy, Inc. is an American online learning course providers. It was founded in 11 May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar.  Udemy is a platform that allows growing instructors to build their online courses on their preferred topics like business, design, marketing, Technlogy etc. by using audio, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Texts, PDFs and live classes to create courses. It actually works with their tagline “Free online courses to achieve your goals ” by providing professionals courses to professional adults and students.

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4. EdX (

One of the most trusted sources of online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course ) education provider.   edX is nonprofit organization and runs on the free Open edX open-source platform. it is  an American MOOC provider service created by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Currently more than 160 member universities attached with this platform to design and provide world class courses to learners . It offers university-level courses in varieties of disciplines. The platform provides video tutorials, discussion groups, online textbook, and an online discussion forum to connect with the learners.

Popular Course/Subjects categories in edx:Computer Science Data Science, Business & ManagementEngineering, Language, Humanities,Art etc.

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5. MIT OpenCourseWare  (

MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW) is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The project was lunched on  April 4, 2001 under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. It provides educational course material from undergraduate, graduate-level on online mode, freely and openly available to anyone, anywhere. At present it offered more than 2500 courses in various disciplines like business, engineering, fine arts, health and medicine, mathematics, humanities, science, education and other subject areas. The course includes  syllabus of course, video tutorials, instructor insights, summaries of lectures, readings and assignments.

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