Best Free Bibliography, Reference and Citation Generator Tools for Researcher, Student and Teachers

Best Free Bibliography, Reference and Citation Generator Tools for Researcher, Student and Teachers


 Mendeley is on of the best free reference manager tool that can store, organize, note, share and cite references and research data from the sources. It helps to manage bibliographic data and automatically generate bibliographies. Mandeley support more than 8,000 citation styles with manual edit facility. Mendeley Cite is a plug-in available for Microsoft Word for reference management. Also compatible with  Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Word app.


Zotero is one of the popular citation tools for making  and management of references. Zotero is a free, easy to use, open-source research reference management  tool that helps to collect, organize, and analyze research work and share, available as an extension to the  Firefox  web browser and also as a desktop application called Zotero Standalone application.  It allows to add PDFs,  audio, video files and web pages, websites. The free version of Zotero comes with 300 MB free storage capacity. Support near about 9,000 citation styles and Create a bibliography from the collection of sources.

Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a free online bibliography management  and generator providing support with at least 10 other popular academic citation styles. It also support 60 source types with more than 7,000 citation styles.  It also helps to create quick and accurate citation from multiple styles and source types with sorting references alphabetically or by most or least recent. The plagiarism and grammar errors checking tool and also provide, suggestions to improve writing style, grammar and sentence structure of research of writing.


BibMe is an automatic reference management and citation creator tool started in January 2007. It automatically cite up to 22 different source types and supports more than 7,000 different citation styles with copy and paste citation facility.  Also provides grammar and plagiarism checking tools from different sources on the World Wide Web. BibMe also support external databases searching like Amazon, FindArticles, Yahoo News, and CiteULike Academic Papers.


EasyBib is a another free, easy-to-use online bibliography management tools helpful for citation for sources like title, author, or URL etc. EasyBib provide facilty to Cite sources automatically or manually. It support for 60 bibliographic source like reference blogs, comics, digital images, federal rules, reports, online databases, patents etc with sorting references alphabetical facility. EasyBib includes more than 7,000 citation styles. EasyBib offers free and premium services for individuals and institutions for bibliographic data reference management

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