VIDWAN : An National Expert Profile Database and Network for Researchers and Academicians in India

VIDWAN: An National Expert Profile Database and Network for Researchers and Academicians in India  

Vidwan Expert Database & National Researcher Network for India
VIDWAN: Expert Database and National Researcher Network

VIDWAN: An National Expert Profile Database and Network for Researchers and Academicians in India.  It is an profile based database specially design for the profile management of scientist/ researchers and other academic faculty members working at leading academic institutions and R&  D organizations which is involved in teaching learning and research process in India as well as all over the world. This database designed and developed and mentioned by INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network Centre) and Financially supported from the NME-ICT (National Mission on Education through ICT).

Information Covered

Primarily Vidawan database covers basic profile of person under unique Vidwan ID in which it provides information about experts name, contact, address, qualification background, organization details, experience, publication record, research are, skills acquired, research identity with specialization etc.

Who Can Join?
  1. An expert who posses postgraduate degree, doctorate degree in their respective subject with 10 years of professional experience can join VIDWAN.
  2. National / International Awardee and citation Laureates
  3. Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor / Senior Scientist or equivalent positions in teaching & research
Vidwan Profile Section

Vidawan database provides an individual page for the personnel by creating Specific Vidwan ID which covers all record of personnel as per information provided by the individual while registering on the Vidwan portal. The profile page consist of following major section

    • Unique Vidwan ID for Indian experts
    • Personal Information
    • Expertise Information
    • Experience Details
    • Educational Qualifications
    • Publication details with Network
    • Academic Identity (eg. Scopus ID, Google Scholar ID, ORCID ID etc.)
    • Patents and special research projects records
    • Graphical record of research work with publication, Authors etc.
    • Record of Similar subjects/area Experts
    • Record of Similar Organizational experts/academician
    • Overall Vidwan Score

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 Why to join/register at Vidwan?

Primarily Vidwan database design for the profile management and to increase research collaboration within an Indian academician and to upgrade research expertise in India. Following are some of the benefits to join Vidwan portal.

Vidwan Database Facilities and Benefits
  • Profile making facility helps for the academician to increase research productivity
  • Helps to find similar experts to increase research in similar area
  • Helps to integrate and update research data with popular and global high impact research publishers
  • Helps to faculty collaboration across different research organizations and academic institutions from India and globe.
  • This database helps to select the panels of experts for different committees
  • To select Panels of different taskforces established by the Ministries governments for the monitoring and evaluation purpose and process.
  • Also helps to get funding opportunities for research expertise
Current Record Status of Vidwan Database
  • Experts:- at present 100234+ registered experts
  • Organizations: at present 10851+ registered organizations
  • Articles: at present 1412657+ record of articles
Category Wise Experts Profile Records (2021)
1 Agricultural Sciences 6275
2 Arts & Humanities 7821
3 Biological Sciences 4012
4 Chemical Sciences 5157
5 Engineering & Technology 36727
6  Medical & Health Sciences 10543
7  Physical Sciences 10097
8 Social Sciences  18094
Organization Wise Records (2021)
1 Central University 8927
2 Deemed University 11303
3 Institute of National Importance 14983
4 Other Institute 26370
5 R & D Organisation 4875
6 State University 17287
7 Technical Institute 9096

Get More Vidwan:

Registration Link for Vidwan

I hope, you like this post. To know more about the Vidwan database in details please go through the links  and make your profile today in Vidwan database to improve your research productivity and to collaborate with similar experts within India as well as  to around the globe.

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