I Notes Taking and Sharing using tool I

Notes Taking and Sharing using tool I is a online note taking application. easy to use for the routine notes taking and sharing purpose as per our requirement.

  • Fully online application
  • Easy user interface
  • Spelling and word error  correction facility
  • Shortened link methods
  • Easy to share link with social account like twister, Facebook etc.
  • Simple shortened URL making mode
  • Notes managing facility

See video Tutorial of

Steps by steps tutorial for
  • Open Google search box and search in search box
  • or type in address box of browser


  • Click the link from the google search result

  • See the simple user interface of for taking notes with simple working area with shorts, account and My notes icon on right side corner of the screen.

  • Place the cursor on the appropriate link and Just start designing and typing your notes on the notes area of the application.

  • If any spelling correction or word error occurs just right click your mouse ans select the proper spelling from the menu.

Shortened URL
  • After completion of the typing your notes.
  • Click the short Button –Right side of the screen.
  • To create the short URL of your notes which helps to share your notes to other

  • After clicking short Button
  • the Shortened Note links Box is open and  showing your Short link of your notes to use
  • Copy this link to share other and to view your notes as it is.

Notes Sharing
  • Easy to share your Notes link with using Twitter and face books account
  • By Clicking Account Icon on right side of screen you can easily share links directly to other on twitter and face book.

  • you can also share this link directly to other social media or personally to user to use this notes or to manage notes personal.

For Sample link: use this for demo: just copy and paste on address box of browser:

Visit to learn:

See the Video Tutorial of



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