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What is ERIC Database ?

ERIC is Free online educational database for Academics & Researchers which provides access to bibliographic records of indexed & full-text educational literature and resources & information from 1964.

  • ERIC Stand for ERIC-Education Resources Information Center
  • ERIC Program begins & founded on May 15, 1964
  • Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Free for public use
 ERIC Uses
  • More than 11 million users
  • Academics, Researchers, Educators, Policymakers & General public
  • From 237 countries
ERIC Features
  • Free online database of education-related literature
  • 1.6 million items indexed since 1966
  • Provides access to 1.5 million bibliographic records including citations, abstracts of journal articles, books, research/conference papers. technical reports, dissertations, policy papers & educational materials
  • Contain an average of 80% Comprehensively indexed journals
  • Full text education-related articles
  • Also includes Grey literature
  • Over 250 journals databases
  • over 1,000 journals are indexed in ERIC
  • Currently more than 350,000 full-text materials available
  • It is a database of indexed & full-text education literature and resources
  • Easy-to-use & search with Advanced fields/Tips
  • Also includes thesaurus
  • Thesaurus has 8 million records
  • comprehensive search facility through thesaurus search
  • Internet based bibliographic record and full-text database useful for education & research
  • Full text Access & download
  • peer-reviewed journal article records
  • Provide full source details
 ERIC Advanced Search includes following key ERIC fields
  • title
  • author
  • source
  • abstract
  • descriptor
  • Also use document Cite ID for search
  • An ISBN, ISSN or IES Grant/Contract Number for search
ERIC Keyword and subject Search

See Video: ERIC Search

  1. Go to the ERIC   website
  2.  Type Keyword in ERIC Search box for i.e”Mathematics
  3. click on search button

5. Get search results of Search term [shown in image]

6. Search results shows [See Image]

  • Article list shows different journals sources articles
  • Showing Peer reviewed articles with Direct Link of sources & full text Link for downlode
  • Also showing some basic bibliographic details of Article like Article Name with Author, Journal Name, and Publication Year etc.

7. Click to required article to view

  • Click to “Download Full text” text to view or to download article
  • After that you get “Full text Article” [See image below]
Thesaurus search
  • Click to Thesaurus to search Thesaurus
  • Type keyword in search box
  • Get respective result ” with category, Broader terms, related terms etc” to get result

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