UGC NET Solved Question Paper-I: June, 2014 [Que.1-30]

UGC NET Solved Question Paper-I: June, 2014 Examination

This is a exact UGC NET Examination Question Paper-1 Conducted on 2014 . we have taken this exam question from the This paper solved by using Answer Key release by the UGC NET portal for exam preparation Purpose.

UGC NET Solved Question Paper-1- June, 2014

Que No. 1 to Que No. 30
1. Break-down in verbal communication is described as
(A) Short Circuit
(B) Contradiction
(C) Unevenness
(D) Entropy
Answer: (D)

2. The Telephone Model of Communication was first developed in the area of
(A) Technological theory
(B) Dispersion theory
(C) Minimal effects theory
(D) Information theory
Answer: (D)

3. The Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013 has been conferred on
(A) Karan Johar
(B) Amir Khan
(C) Asha Bhonsle
(D) Gulzar
Answer: (D)

4. Photographs are not easy to
(A) Publish
(B) Secure
(C) Decode
(D) Change
Answer: (C)

5. The grains that appear on a television set when operated are also referred to as
(A) Sparks
(B) Green Dots
(C) Snow
(D) Rain Drops
Answer: (C)

6. In circular communication, the encoder becomes a decoder when there is
(A) Noise
(B) Audience
(C) Criticality
(D) Feedback
Answer: (D)

7. In a post-office, stamps of three different denominations of Rs 7, Rs 8, Rs 10 are available. The exact amount for which one cannot buy stamps is
(A) 19
(B) 20
(C) 23
(D) 29
Answer: (A)

8. In certain coding method, the word QUESTION is encoded as DOMESTIC. In this coding, what is the code word for the word RESPONSE?
Answer: (C)

9. lf the series 4,5,8,13,14,17,22,…….. is continued in the same pattern, which one of the following is not a term of this series?
(A) 31
(B) 32
(C) 33
(D) 35
Answer: (C)

10. Complete the series BB, FE, II, ML, PP: ..:…… choosing one of the following option given :
(A) TS
(B) ST
(C) RS
(D) SR
Answer: (A)

11. A man started walking frorn his house towards south. After walking 6 km, he turned to his left walked 5 Km after. Then he walked further 3 km after turning left. He then turned to his left and continued his walk for 9 km. How far is he away from his house?
(A) 3 km
(B) 4 km
(C) 5 km
(D) 6 km
Answer: (C)

12. One writes all numbers from 50 to 99 without the digits 2 and 7. How many numbers have been written?
(A) 32
(B) 36
(C) 40
(D) 38
Answer: (A)

13. “lf a large diamond is cut up into little bits it will lose its value just as an army is divided up into small units of soldiers. It loses its strength.” The argument put above may be called as
(A) Analogical
(B) Deductive
(C) Statistical
(D) Casual
Answer: (A)

14. Given below are some characteristics of logical argument. Select the code which expresses a characteristic which is not of inductive in character.
(A) The conclusion is claimed to follow from its premises.
(B) The conclusion is based on causal relation.
(C) The conclusion conclusively follows from its premises.
(D) The conclusion is based on observation and experiment
Answer: (C)

15. If two propositions having the same subject and predicate terms can both be true but cannot both be false, the relation between those two propositions is called
(A) contradictory
(B) contrary
(C) subcontrary
(D) subaltern
Answer: (C)

16. Given below are two premises and four conclusions drawn from those premises. Select the code that expresses conclusion drawn validly from the premises (separately or jointly).

(a) All dogs are mammals.
(b) No cats are dogs.

(i) No cats are mammals
(ii) Some cats are mammals.
(iii) No Dogs are cats
(iv) No dogs are non-mammals.

(A) (i) only
(B) (i) and (ii)
(C) (iii) and (iv)
(D) (ii) and (iii)
Answer: (C)

17. Given below is a diagram of three circles A, B & C inter-related with each of Indians. The circle B represents the class of scientists and circle C represents the class of politicians. p,q,r,s… represent different regions. Select the code containing the region that indicates the class of Indian scientists who are not politicians.

(A) q and s only
(B) s only
(C) s and r only
(D) p, q and s only
Answer: (B)

Read the following table and answer question no 18-22 based on table


Government Canals

Private Canals


Tube wells and other wells

Other sources


1997-98 17117 211 2593 32090 3102 55173
1998-99 17093 212 2792 33988 3326 57411
1999-00 16842 194 2535 34623 2915 57109
2000-01 15748 203 2449 33796 2880 55076
2001-02 15031 209 2179 34906 4347 56672
2002-03 13863 206 1802 34250 3657 53778
2003-04 14444 206 1908 35779 4281 56618
2004-05 14696 206 1727 34785 7453 58867
2005-06 15268 207 2034 35372 7314 60196

18. Which of the following sources of Irrigation has registered the largest percentage of decline in Net area under irrigation during 1997-98 and 2005-06 ?
(A) Government Canals
(B) Private Canals
(C) Tanks
(D) Other Sources
Answer: (C)

19. Find out the source of irrigation that has registered the maximum improvement in terms of percentage of Net irrigated area during 2002-03 and 2003-04.
(A) Government Canals
(B) Tanks
(C) Tube Wells and other wells
(D) Other Sources
Answer: (D)

20. In which of the following years, Net irrigation by tanks increased at the highest rate?
(A) 1998-99
(B) 2000-01
(C) 2003-04
(D) 2005-06
Answer: (D)

21. Identify the source of irrigation that has recorded the maximum incidence of negative growth in terms of Net irrigated area during the years given in the table.
(A) Government Canals
(B) Private Canals
(C) Tube Wells and other wells
(D) Other sources
Answer: (A)

22. In which of the following years, share of the tube wells and other wells in the total net irrigated area was the highest?
(A) 1998-99
(B) 2000-01
(C) 2002-03
(D) 2004-05
Answer: (C)

23. The acronym FTP stands for________
(A) File Transfer Protocol
(B) Fast Transfer Protocol
(C) File Tracking Protocol
(D) File Transfer Procedure
Answer: (A)

24. Which one of the following is not a/an image/graphic file format?
Answer: (D)

25. The first Web Browser is_________.
(A) Internet Explorer
(B) Netscape
(C) World Wide Web
(D) Firefox
Answer: (C)

26. When a computer is booting, BIOS is loaded to the memory by
Answer: (B)

27. Which one of the following is not the same as the other three?
(A) MAC address
(B) Hardware address
(C) Physical address
(D) IP address
Answer: (D)

28. Identify the IP address from the following
(A) 300 .215.317.3
(B) 302.215@417.5
(D) 202-50-20-148
Answer: (C)

29. The population of India is about 1.2 billion. Take the average consumption of energy per person per year in India as 30 Mega Joules. If this consumption is met by carbon based fuels and the rate of carbon emissions per kilojoule is l5 x I06 kgs, the total carbon emissions per year from India will be
(A) 54 million metric tons
(B) 540 million metric tons
(C) 5400 million metric tons
(D) 2400 million metric tons
Answer: (Wrong Question)

30. Which of the following cities has been worst affected by urban smog in recent times?
(A) Paris
(B) London
(C) Los Angeles
(D) Beijing
Answer: (D)

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