UGC CARE List 2022 I UGC Approved Care Journals for Subject Economics-2022

UGC Approved Care Journals for Subject Economics-2022

The UGC CARE List of journals recently update in January 2022. In UGC CARE  Journal Subject classification the subject Economics included in category of Social Science [Group-I] Journals subject. The list includes some selected Indian as well as global journals which are indexed. These Economics journals are UGC Approved -fallows  & qualify UGC-CARE protocols for Group-I journals.

UGC-CARE List of Journals for Economics Subject [Latest -April, 2022]
  • Journal Subject Category: Economics
  • UGC CARE Group:- Group-I
  • Total Journals: 52
  • Indexed Journal: 11

Following is the UGC-CARE Journal list of Economics Subject which are included in UGC CARE Group-I. The list includes journal name, publisher details, journal ISSN and E-ISSN number and his current status.

UGC-CARE Journal list of Economics Subject
Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Current

 Status [2022]

1 Aarthika Charche- FPI Journal of Economics and Governance Fiscal Policy Institute, Government of Karnataka 2455-6483 NA Continued
2 Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Economics and Business Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania 2343-8894 2360-0047 Continued
3 African Journal of Business and Economic Research Adonis and Abbey Publishers 1750-4554 1750-4562 Indexed in Scopus
4 American Review of Political Economy University of Washington 1551-1383 NA Continued
5 Annals of Financial Economics World Scientific Publishing 2010-4952 2010-4960 Indexed in Scopus
6 Annals of the University of Petrosani- Economics University of Petrosani 1582-5949 2247-8620 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
7 Anvesak Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research 0378-4568 NA Continued
8 Applied Economics Quarterly Duncker and Humblot GmbH 1611-6607 1865-5122 Indexed in Scopus
9 Applied Finance Letters Auckland University of Technology 2253-5799 2253-5802 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
10 Arab Economic and Business Journal Elsevier 2214-4625 NA Discontinued from July 2020
11 Artha Vijnana Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics 0971-586X NA Continued
12 Arthaniti Department of Economics, University of Calcutta 0976-7479 2517-2654 Continued
13 Business Studies Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta 0970-9657 NA Continued
14 Economia- Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 1529-7470 1533-6239 Indexed in Scopus
15 Economic Issues Nottingham Trent University 1363-7029 2514-5479 Continued
16 Emerging Economies Cases Journal Indian Institute of Management Rohtak 2516-6042 2516-6050 Continued
17 Estudios Economicos Centro de Estudios Economicos, El Colegio de Mexico 0188-6916 0186-7202 Continued
18 Hyperion International Journal of Econophysics and New Economy Hyperian University and Hyperion Research and Development Institute NA 2069-3508 Continued
19 IASSI Quarterly Indian Association of Social Science Institutions 0970-9061 0974-018X Continued
20 Indian Economic Review Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics 0019-4670 2520-1778 Indexed in Scopus
21 Indian Journal of Economics Department of Economics, University of Allahabad 0019-5170 NA Continued
22 International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics IGI Global 2160-9802 2160-9810 Continued
23 International Journal of Bonds and Currency Derivatives Inderscience Publishers 2050-2281 2050-229X Continued
24 International Journal of Financial Engineering World Scientific Publishing 2424-7863 2424-7944 Continued
25 International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management Inderscience Publishers 2049-0909 2049-0917 Continued
26 International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives Inderscience Publishers 1756-7149 1756-7130 Continued
27 International Journal of Financial Services Management Inderscience Publishers 1741-8062 1460-6712 Continued
28 International Journal of Happiness and Development Inderscience Publishers 2049-2790 2049-2804 Continued
29 International Journal of Management and Network Economics Inderscience Publishers 1754-2324 1754-2316 Discontinued from April 2021
30 International Journal of Political Economy Taylor and Francis 0891-1916 1558-0970 Indexed in Scopus
31 Journal of Asian Economic Integration ASEAN- India Centre at RIS and ASEAN Studies Center, Chulalongkorn University 2631-6846 2631-6854 Continued
32 Journal of Economic Research Hanyang University Seoul 1226-4261 2713-6418 Continued
33 Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies International Entrepreneurship Forum 2393-9575 2394-9945 Continued
34 Journal of Indian School of Political Economy Indian School of Political Economy 0971-0396 NA Continued
35 Journal of Quantitative Economics The Indian Econometric Society 0971-1554 2364-1045 Indexed in Scopus
36 Journal of Social and Economic Development Institute for Social and Economic Change 0972-5792 2199-6873 Continued
37 Orissa Economic Journal Orissa Economics Association 0976-5409 NA Continued
38 Pakistan Economic and Social Review Department of Economics, University of the Punjab 1011-002X 2224-4174 Continued
39 Prajnan: Journal of Management and Social Sciences National Institute of Bank Management 0970-8448 NA Continued
40 Review of Economic Analysis Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis NA 1973-3909 Indexed in Scopus
41 Small Enterprises Development, Management and Extension Journal National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 0970-8464 2456-1223 Continued
42 South African Journal of Information Management AOSIS Publishing 2078-1865 1560-683X Continued
43 The American Economist Sage Publications 0569-4345 2328-1235 Indexed in Scopus
44 The Chartered Accountant Institute of Chartered Accountants of India NA 0009-188X Continued
45 The Indian Economic Journal Indian Economic Association 0019-4662 2631-617X Continued
46 The Orissa Journal of Commerce Orissa Commerce Association 0974-8482 NA Continued
47 The Review of Finance and Banking Bucharest University of Economic Studies 2067-2713 2067-3825 Continued
48 Theoretical and Applied Economics General Association of the Economists in Romania 1841-8678 1844-0029 Continued
49 Transnational Corporations Review Taylor and Francis 1918-6444 1925-2099 Indexed in Scopus
50 Vidyasagar University Journal of Economics Vidyasagar University 0975-8003 NA Continued
51 Vilakshan- XIMB Journal of Management Xavier Institute of Management 0973-1954 NA Continued
52 World Economics Journal Economic and Financial Publishing Ltd. 1468-1838 NA Indexed in Scopus

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