UGC Approved Care List-2021 I UGC-CARE Listed Journals for Mathematics (Group-I)-2021

UGC Approved: UGC-CARE Listed Journals for Mathematics (Group-I)-2021

The journals included in UGC-CARE Journal List distributed in  Group-I and Group-II. In Group-I, Journal selected which is found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols. and in Group-II the journals are included which is indexed in globally recognised databases like Scopus, Web of Science etc.

In UGC CARE  Journal Subject classification the subject Mathematics basically included in Science [Group-I] Journals subject category. The list includes some selected Indian as well as global journals which are indexed. These Mathematics journals are UGC Approved and fallows and qualify the UGC-CARE protocols for Group-I journals.

UGC-CARE List of Journals for Mathematics Subject [Latest -November, 2021]
  • Journal Category:Mathematics
  • UGC CARE Group:- Group-I
  • Total Journals: 98
  • Indexed Journal: 22

Following is the UGC-CARE Journal list of Mathematics Subject which are included in UGC CARE Group-I. The list includes journal name, publisher details, journal ISSN and E-ISSN number and his current status.

UGC-CARE Journal list of Mathematics Subject
Sr. No. Journal Name Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Status
1 Acta Universitatis Apulensis Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Alba Iulia 1582-5329 NA Discontinued from Oct. 2020
2 Acta Universitatis Matthiae Belii Series Mathematics Department of Mathematics Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University 1338-712X 1338-7111 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
3 Advanced Science Letters American Scientific Publishers 1936-6612 1936-7317 Discontinued from July 2020
4 Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences Mili Publications 0974-6803 NA Continued
5 African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics Mathematical Research Publisher 1539-854X NA Continued
6 Afrika Statistika Saint-Louis Senega University 2316-090X NA Continued
7 Albanian Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University 1930-1235 NA Continued
8 Aligarh Journal of Statistics Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University 0971-0388 NA Continued
9 Annales Mathematiques Blaise Pascal Mathematical laboratory, Blaise Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand 1259-1734 2118-7436 Indexed in Scopus
10 Annals of West University of Timisoara- Mathematics and Computer Science Sciendo, De Gruyter NA 1841-3307 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
 11 Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences Elsevier 1319-5166 NA Indexed in Scopus
12 Arabian Journal of Mathematics Springer 2193-5343 2193-5351 Indexed in Scopus
13 Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only) Calcutta Mathematical Society 0008-0659 NA Continued
14 Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin Calcutta Statistical Association 0008-0683 2456-6462 Continued
15 Communications Faculty of Sciences University of Ankara Series A1: Mathematics and Statistics Faculty of Science, Ankara University 1303-5991 2618-6470 Continued
16 Complex Analysis and its Synergies Springer NA 2197-120X Continued
17 Computational Methods for Differential Equations University of Tabriz 2345-3982 2383-2533 Continued
18 Concrete Operators Walter de Gruyter NA 2299-3282 Indexed in Scopus
19 Creative Mathematics and Informatics Depatament of Mathematics and Computer Science, Tehnical University of Cluj- Napoca 1584-286X 1843-441X Continued
20 Crux Mathematicorum Canadian Mathematical Society 1706-8142 1496-4309 Continued
21 Cubo, A Mathematical Journal Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of La Frontera 0716-7776 0719-0646 Indexed in Scopus
22 Differential Geometry- Dynamical Systems Balkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan Press NA 1454-511X Continued
23 Discussiones Mathematicae- General Algebra and Applications Faculty of Mathematics Computer Science and Econometrics, University of Zielona Gora 1509-9415 2084-0373 Indexed in Scopus
24 Electronic Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria University NA 2090-729X Continued
25 Fasciculi Mathematici Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Mathematics 0044-4413 NA Continued
26 Fractional Differential Calculus Element d.o.o. 1847-9677 NA Continued
27 Ganita Bharata Ganita Parishada 0046-5402 NA Continued
28 Gulf Journal of Mathematics Canadian University of Dubai NA 2309-4966 Continued
29 Hardy Ramanujan Journal Hardy- Ramanujan Society NA NA Continued
30 Indian Journal of Discrete Mathematics Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications, India NA 2455-5819 Continued
31 Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA Oxford University Press 2049-8764 2049-8772 Indexed in Scopus
32 Integers Colgate University and Charles University NA 1553-1732 Continued
33 International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Springer 0975-0770 0975-5616 Continued
34 International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science Inderscience Publishers 1752-2862 1752-2870 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
35 International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Centre for Environment and Socio- Economic Research Publications 0974-7117 0973-8347 Continued
36 International Journal of Statistics and Reliability Engineering Indian Association for Reliability and Statistics 2350-0174 2456-2378 Continued
37 Involve: A Journal of Mathematics Mathematical Sciences Publishers 1944-4176 1944-4184 Indexed in Scopus
38 Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry University of Kashan 2226-6489 2008-9015 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
39 Jnanabha Vijnana Parishad of India 0304-9892 2455-7463 Continued
40 Journal of Advanced Mathematical Studies Fair Partners Society for the Promotion of Science 2065-3506 2065-5851 Continued
41 Journal of Algebra and Related Topics Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Guilan 2345-3931 2382-9877 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
42 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics Institute of Mathematics, Czestochowa University of Technology 2299-9965 2353-0588 Continued
43 Journal of Classical Analysis Element d.o.o. 1848-5979 1848-5987 Continued
44 Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric Theories Taylor and Francis 1726-037X 2169-0057 Continued
45 Journal of Fractional Calculus and Applications Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria University 2090-584X 2090-5858 Continued
46 Journal of Hyperstructures University of Mohaghegh Ardabili 2251-8436 2322-1666 Continued
47 Journal of Linear and Topological Algebra Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University 2252-0201 2345-5934 Continued
48 Journal of Mathematical Computational Science SCIK Publishing Corporation 1927-5307 NA Indexed in Scopus
49 Journal of Mathematical Extension Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch 1735-8299 2476-7719 Continued
50 Journal of Mathematical Research and Applications Dalian University of Technology and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2095-2651 NA Continued
51 Journal of Optimization Hindawi Limited 2356-752X 0231-4648 Discontinued from April 2021
52 Journal of Partial Differential Equations Global Science Press 1000-940X 2079-732X Continued
53 Journal of Scientific Research Faculty of Sciences, Rajshahi University 2070-0237 2070-0245 Continued
54 Journal of Scientific Research Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University 0447-9483 NA Continued
55 Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications Springer NA 2195-5832 Indexed in Scopus
56 Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications Atlantis Press 1538-7887 2214-1766 Indexed in Scopus
57 Journal of Statistics Applications and Probability Natural Sciences Publishing 2090-8423 2090-8431 Indexed in Scopus
58 Journal of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only) Calcutta Mathematical Society 2231-5314 NA Continued
59 Journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical Society The Chungcheong Mathematical Society 1226-3524 2383-6245 Continued
60 Journal of the French Statistical Society Societe Francaise De Statistique NA 2102-6238 Continued
61 Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and Statistics Indian Society for Probability and Statistics NA 2364-9569 Continued
62 Journal of the Indian Statistical Association Indian Statistical Association 0537-2585 NA Continued
63 Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society Indonesian Mathematical Society 2086-8952 2460-0245 Continued
64 Journal of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education Series B: The Pure and Applied Mathematics The Korean Society of Mathematical Education 1226-0657 2287-6081 Continued
65 Khayyam Journal of Mathematics Tusi Mathematical Research Group and Department of Pure Mathematics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad NA 2423-4788 Indexed in Scopus
66 Kobe Journal of Mathematics Kobe University 0289-9051 NA Continued
67 Korean Journal of Mathematics Kangwon-Kyungki Mathematical Society 1976-8605 2288-1433 Continued
68 Malaya Journal of Matematik University Press 2319-3786 2321-5666 Discontinued from April 2021
69 Mathematical and Computational Applications MDPI 1300-686X 2297-8747 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
70 Mathematical Forum The Registrar, Dibrugarh University 0972-9852 NA Continued
71 Mathematical Sciences Springer 2008-1359 2251-7456 Indexed in Web of Science
72 Mathematical Sciences and Applications E- Notes Mathematical Sciences and Applications E- Notes NA 2147-6268 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
73 Mathematics in Engineering, Science and Aerospace Cambridge Scientific Publishers 2041-3165 0204-1316 Indexed in Scopus
74 Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics 2220-8054 2305-7971 Indexed in Scopus
75 New Zealand Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, The University of Auckland NA 1179-4984 Continued
76 Proceeding in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics GAMM- Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics NA 1617-7061 Continued
77 Punjab University Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, University of Punjab 1016-2526 NA Continued
78 Ratio Mathematica Academy of Piceno Aprutina Dei Velati 1592-7415 2282-8214 Continued
79 Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras 1791-261X 1792-3999 Continued
80 Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences Springer 1982-6907 2316-9028 Indexed in Scopus
81 Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1840-0655 2233-1964 Continued
82 Scientific Studies and Research, Series Mathematics and Informatics Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau 2457-497X 2067-3566 Discontinued from July 2021
83 Sema Journal Springer 2254-3902 2281-7875 Continued
84 Serdica Mathematical Journal Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics 1310-6600 NA Continued
85 South East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences Ramanujan Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 0972-7752 NA Continued
86 Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, Yunnan University 0129-2021 0219-175X Continued
87 Statistica Department of Statistical Sciences Paolo Fortunato, University of Bologna 0390-590X 1973-2201 Continued
88 Statistics and Applications Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications NA 2454-7395 Continued
89 Stochastic Modeling and Applications MUK Publications and Distributions 0972-3641 NA Continued
90 The Electronic International Journal Advanced Modeling and Optimization Research Institute for Informatics NA 1841-4311 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
91 The Journal of Analysis Forum D’ Analystes NA 2367-2501 Indexed in Scopus
92 The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India (print only) Numismatic Society of India, Banaras Hindu University 0029-6066 NA Continued
93 The Mathematical Gazette Cambridge University Press 0025-5572 2056-6328 Indexed in Scopus
94 The Mathematics Educator Association of Mathematics Educators 0218-9100 NA Discontinued from July 2021
95 The Mathematics Student Indian Mathematical Society 0025-5742 NA Indexed in Scopus
96 Topological Algebra and its Applications Walter de Gruyter NA 2299-3231 Continued
97 Transactions on Combinatorics University of Isfahan 2251-8657 2251-8665 Indexed in Scopus
98 TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Turkic World Mathematical Society 2076-2585 2219-1259 Indexed in Web of Science

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