UGC Approved Care List-2021 I UGC-CARE List of Indexed Journals for Science Subjects (Group-I)

UGC Approved: UGC-CARE List of Indexed Journals for Science Subjects (Group-I)

The journals included in UGC-CARE Journal List distributed in  Group-I and Group-II. In Group-I, Journal selected which is found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols, and in Group-II the journals are included which is indexed in globally recognised databases. But some of the Journals also included in Group-I which are index in globally reputed Scopus and web of science databases, which fallows and qualify the UGC-CARE protocols for Group-I journals listing.

UGC-CARE List of Indexed Journals of Science Subjects [Latest -November, 2021]

  • Journal Category: Science
  • UGC CARE Group:- Group-I
  • Total Journals: 430
  • Indexed Journal: 83

Following is the list of Indexed journals of science which are included in UGC Care Group-I. the list includes journal name, publisher details, journal ISSN and E-ISSN number and his current status.

UGC-CARE List of Indexed Journals of Science Subjects [Latest -November, 2021]
Sr. No Journal Name Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Indexing Status
1 Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra 1335-258X 1336-9245 Indexed in Scopus
2 Annales Mathematiques Blaise Pascal Mathematical laboratory, Blaise Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand 1259-1734 2118-7436 Indexed in Scopus
3 Applied Water Science Springer 2190-5487 2190-5495 Indexed in Web of Science
4 Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences Elsevier 1319-5166 NA Indexed in Scopus
5 Arabian Journal of Mathematics Springer 2193-5343 2193-5351 Indexed in Scopus
6 Arctoa: A Journal of Bryology KMK Scientific Press Ltd. 0131-1379 NA Indexed in Scopus
7 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters Taylor and Francis 1674-2834 2376-6123 Indexed in Scopus
8 Autism and Developmental Language Impairments Sage Publications 2396-9415 NA Indexed in Scopus
9 Big Data and Society Sage Publications 2053-9517 NA Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
10 Bioengineering MDPI 2306-5354 NA Indexed in Scopus
11 Botanicheskii Zhurnal Sankt-Peterburgskaya Izdatel’Skaya Firma Nauka 0006-8136 2658-6339 Indexed in Scopus
12 Caucasian Entomological Bulletin Institute of Arid Zones SSC RAS NA 1814-3326 Indexed in Scopus
13 Concrete Operators Walter de Gruyter NA 2299-3282 Indexed in Scopus
14 Cubo, A Mathematical Journal Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of La Frontera 0716-7776 0719-0646 Indexed in Scopus
15 Current Dermatology Reports Springer NA 2162-4933 Indexed in Scopus
16 Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering Elsevier 2468-4511 NA Indexed in Scopus
17 Current Traditional Medicine Bentham Science Publishers 2215-0838 2215-0846 Indexed in Scopus
18 Data Science and Engineering Springer 2364-1185 2364-1541 Indexed in Scopus
19 Defence Life Science Journal Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre 2456-379X 2456-0537 Indexed in Scopus
20 Discussiones Mathematicae- General Algebra and Applications Faculty of Mathematics Computer Science and Econometrics, University of Zielona Gora 1509-9415 2084-0373 Indexed in Scopus
21 Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Taylor and Francis 2096-4129 2332-8878 Indexed in Scopus
22 Food Science and Human Wellness Beijing Academy of Food Sciences 2213-4530 NA Indexed in Scopus
23 Fungal Biology and Biotechnology BioMed Central Ltd. 2054-3085 NA Indexed in Scopus
24 High Voltage Institution of Engineering and Technology NA 2397-7264 Indexed in Web of Science
25 Horticultural Plant Journal KeAi Publishing Communications Ltd 2095-9885 2468-0141 Indexed in Scopus
26 IET Cyber- Physical Systems: Theory and Applications Institution of Engineering and Technology NA 2398-3396 Indexed in Scopus
27 Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Springer 2363-8397 2363-8400 Indexed in Scopus
28 Indian Journal of Small Ruminants Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization 0971-9857 0973-9718 Indexed in Scopus
29 Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia 2355-7079 2406-8195 Indexed in Scopus
30 Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA Oxford University Press 2049-8764 2049-8772 Indexed in Scopus
31 International Journal of Agricultural Technology Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia 2630-0613 2630-0192 Indexed in Scopus
32 International Journal of Data Science and Analytics Springer 2364-415X 2364-4168 Indexed in Scopus
33 International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering Springer 2199-9260 2199-9279 Indexed in Scopus
34 International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation Inderscience Publishers 2056-9467 2056-9459 Indexed in Scopus
35 Involve: A Journal of Mathematics Mathematical Sciences Publishers 1944-4176 1944-4184 Indexed in Scopus
36 Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature Taylor and Francis 2231-1866 2231-1874 Indexed in Scopus
37 Journal of Family and Community Medicine Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine 2230-8229 2229-340X Indexed in Scopus
38 Journal of Fungi MDPI NA 2309-608X Indexed in Scopus
39 Journal of Insect Biodiversity Ataturk University 2147-7612 NA Indexed in Scopus
40 Journal of Mathematical Computational Science SCIK Publishing Corporation 1927-5307 NA Indexed in Scopus
41 Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure Saudi Society of Microscopes NA 2213-8803 Indexed in Scopus
42 Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry Springer 2008-9244 2193-8865 Indexed in Web of Science
43 Journal of Physics Communications Institute of Physics Publishing NA 2399-6528 Indexed in Scopus
44 Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Taylor and Francis NA 1687-8507 Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
45 Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications Springer NA 2195-5832 Indexed in Scopus
46 Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications Atlantis Press 1538-7887 2214-1766 Indexed in Scopus
47 Journal of Statistics Applications and Probability Natural Sciences Publishing 2090-8423 2090-8431 Indexed in Scopus
48 Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy Springer 2199-3823 2199-3831 Indexed in Scopus
49 Journal of Sustainable Mining Elsevier 2300-3960 NA Indexed in Scopus
50 Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment American Society of Civil Engineers NA 2379-6111 Indexed in Scopus
51 Journal of Taibah University for Science Elsevier NA 1658-3655 Indexed in Web of Science
52 Journal of the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic” SASA Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” SASA 0350-7599 1821-2808 Indexed in Scopus
53 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Indian Council of Agricultural Research 0974-0228 NA Indexed in Scopus
54 Journal of Tropical Life Science Universitas Brawijava 2087-5517 2527-4376 Indexed in Scopus
55 Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society 2476-7204 2476-6615 Indexed in Scopus
56 Karbala International Journal of Modern Science University of Karbala 2405-609X 2405-6103 Indexed in Scopus
57 Khayyam Journal of Mathematics Tusi Mathematical Research Group and Department of Pure Mathematics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad NA 2423-4788 Indexed in Scopus
58 Malaysian Journal of Chemistry Institute Kimia Malaysia NA 2550-1658 Indexed in Scopus
59 Maritime Affairs: Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India Taylor and Francis 0973-3159 1946-6609 Indexed in Scopus
60 Mathematical Sciences Springer 2008-1359 2251-7456 Indexed in Web of Science
61 Mathematics in Engineering, Science and Aerospace Cambridge Scientific Publishers 2041-3165 0204-1316 Indexed in Scopus
62 Microorganisms MDPI NA 2076-2607 Indexed in Web of Science
63 Nano Convergence Springer NA 2196-5404 Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
64 Nanocomposites Taylor and Francis 2055-0324 2055-0332 Indexed in Scopus
65 Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics 2220-8054 2305-7971 Indexed in Scopus
66 Natural Products and Bioprospecting Springer 2192-2195 2192-2209 Indexed in Scopus
67 Neotropical Biodiversity Taylor and Francis NA 2376-6808 Indexed in Scopus
68 New Disease Reports British Society for Plant Pathology 2044-0588 NA Indexed in Scopus
69 New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy New Zealand 0303-7193 2230-4886 Indexed in Scopus
70 Opec Energy Review Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries NA 1753-0237 Indexed in Scopus
71 Proceedings of the Zoological Society Springer 0373-5893 0974-6919 Indexed in Scopus
72 Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems Springer 2367-2617 2367-0983 Indexed in Scopus
73 Reinwardtia Research Center for Biology- LIPI 0034-365X 2337-8824 Indexed in Scopus
74 Reliability: Theory and Applications Gnedenko Forum NA 1932-2321 Indexed in Scopus
75 Research Journal of Textile and Apparel Emerald Publishing Limited 1560-6074 2515-8090 Indexed in Scopus
76 Rheumatology and Therapy Springer 2198-6576 2198-6584 Indexed in Web of Science
77 Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences Springer 1982-6907 2316-9028 Indexed in Scopus
78 The Journal of Analysis Forum D’ Analystes NA 2367-2501 Indexed in Scopus
79 The Mathematical Gazette Cambridge University Press 0025-5572 2056-6328 Indexed in Scopus
80 The Mathematics Student Indian Mathematical Society 0025-5742 NA Indexed in Scopus
81 Transactions on Combinatorics University of Isfahan 2251-8657 2251-8665 Indexed in Scopus
82 TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Turkic World Mathematical Society 2076-2585 2219-1259 Indexed in Web of Science
83 Women’s Reproductive Health Taylor and Francis 2329-3691 2329-3713 Indexed in Scopus

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