UGC Approved Care List-2021 I UGC-CARE Listed Journals for Chemistry (Group-I)-2021

UGC Approved: UGC-CARE Listed Journals for Chemistry (Group-I)-2021

The journals included in UGC-CARE Journal List distributed in  Group-I and Group-II. In Group-I, Journal selected which is found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols. and in Group-II the journals are included which is indexed in globally recognised databases like Scopus, Web of Science etc.

In UGC CARE  Journal Subject classification the subject Physics basically included in Science [Group-I] Journals subject category. The list includes some selected Indian as well as global journals which are indexed. These Chemistry journals are UGC Approved and fallows and qualify the UGC-CARE protocols for Group-I journals.

UGC-CARE List of Journals for Chemistry Subject [Latest -November, 2021]
  • Journal Category: Chemistry
  • UGC CARE Group:- Group-I
  • Total Journals: 39
  • Indexed Journal: 07

Following is the UGC-CARE Journal list of Chemistry Subject which are included in UGC CARE Group-I. The list includes journal name, publisher details, journal ISSN and E-ISSN number and his current status.

UGC-CARE Journal list of Chemistry Subject
Sr. No. Journal Name Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Current Status
1 AIMS Molecular Science AIMS Press NA 2372-0301 Continued
2 Analytical Chemistry Letters Taylor and Francis 2229-7928 2230-7532 Continued
3 Applied Biological Research Centre for Advancement of Applied Science 0972-0979 0974-4517 Continued
4 Asian Journal of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Asian Publication Corporation NA 2456-8937 Continued
5 Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources 0771-7706 0975-2412 Continued
6 Biochemistry Insights Sage Publications 1178-6264 1178-6264 Discontinued from July 2020
7 Biotechnology Research and Innovation Elsevier 2452-0721 NA Discontinued from Oct. 2020
8 Chemistry and Biology Interface Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists NA 2249-4820 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
9 Current Catalysis Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5447 2211-5455 Continued
10 Current Green Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 2213-3461 2213-347X Continued
11 Current Microwave Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 2213-3356 2213-3364 Continued
12 Current Physical Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1877-9468 1877-9476 Continued
13 Current Traditional Medicine Bentham Science Publishers 2215-0838 2215-0846 Indexed in Scopus
14 Defence Life Science Journal Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre 2456-379X 2456-0537 Indexed in Scopus
15 Entomon Association for Advancement of Entomology 0377-9335 NA Continued
16 Environmental and Experimental Biology University of Latvia 1691-8088 2255-9582 Continued
17 Genomics and Computational Biology Johannes Gutenberg University NA 2365-7154 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
18 International Journal of Electrochemistry Hindawi Limited 2090-3529 2090-3537 Continued
19 Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry University of Kashan 2226-6489 2008-9015 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
20 Journal of Advanced Scientific Research Sciensage NA 0976-9595 Continued
21 Journal of Applied Biology and Biotechnology Open Science Publishers 2455-7005 2347-212X Discontinued from Sept. 2019
22 Journal of Applied Geochemistry Indian Society of Applied Geochemists 0972-1967 NA Continued
23 Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry Springer 2008-9244 2193-8865 Indexed in Web of Science
24 Journal of Proteins and Proteomics Proteomics Society of India 0975-8151 2524-4663 Continued
25 Journal of Scientific Research Faculty of Sciences, Rajshahi University 2070-0237 2070-0245 Continued
26 Journal of Scientific Research Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University 0447-9483 NA Continued
27 Journal of Scientific Temper National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources 2278-2788 2278-2796 Continued
28 Journal of Self- Assembly and Molecular Electronics River Publishers 2245-4551 2245-8824 Continued
29 Journal of Stress Physiology and Biochemistry Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry NA 1997-0838 Continued
30 Journal of Taibah University for Science Elsevier NA 1658-3655 Indexed in Web of Science
31 Karbala International Journal of Modern Science University of Karbala 2405-609X 2405-6103 Indexed in Scopus
32 Malaysian Journal of Chemistry Institute Kimia Malaysia NA 2550-1658 Indexed in Scopus
33 Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics 2220-8054 2305-7971 Indexed in Scopus
34 Plant Biotechnology Institute of Plant Biotechnology, Central University “Marta Abreu” 1609-1841 2074-8647 Continued
35 Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences- An International Journal Centre for Advanced Research in Agricultural Sciences 0976-1675 2249-4538 Continued
36 Romanian Journal of Biophysics Publishing House of the Romanian Academy 1220-515X 1843-424X Continued
37 Stochastic Modeling and Applications MUK Publications and Distributions 0972-3641 NA Continued
38 The Journal of Cytology and Genetics Society of Cytologists and Geneticists 0253-7605 NA Continued
39 World Journal of Chemical Education Science and Education Publishing 2375-1665 2375-1657 Continued

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