Google Tools Part-I : Google Search Tools and Services that you should know while Searching Online Information 

Google Tools & Services Part-I: Google Search Tools and services that you should know & while Searching Online Information 


Google Search Tools
Google Arts & Culture  

It is an is an Google art and culture service, formally under the Google Art Project. This tool of Google basically provides the artwork and cultural related images and videos around the world which is provided by the partner cultural organizations.


Google Dataset Search

It is search service engine tools of Google. It is free to use for all researcher for research purpose. it allows & covers the data sets standards  of local and government websites which is benefited to scientist and data journalist for the research purpose.


Google Finance

 Google Finance is a website started on March 21, 2006 by Google. This Google service primarily aggregates News and financial data of business enterprises and corporation, it provides latest and updates data of financial activities, also covers the financial decisions and major news events related to business.


Google Flights

From 2011 Google provide this  online Google Flights service as search engine for flight search and online booking airline tickets. From this service we can easily check the flights schedule, duration, traveling destination maps and details of connecting airports etc.


Google Images 

It is a multilingual images search engine of Google which provides image search service from July 12, 2001. It works on the content based image retrieval (CBIR) technique for images data retrieval from the search.


Google Patents

it is an patent search engine service of Google, which provide online information of  more than 87 million Patents indexes records from major patent offices around the worlds. It also consist the details of granted patents, published patent etc from the patent database. The data search with keywords; date, language etc. are also possible.


Google Search 

It is most popular and user friendly search engine with 149 language support, providing service from the 1997.  It is web search engine service from the Google. It primarily work to Search for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers. At present It is the top most search engine which covers more than 90% share online search engine market. Recently it introduced “Google Voice Search” for easy data search by using voice.


Google Scholar 

It is free web based full text of scholarly literature search service for the research purpose to find the full text and metadata of scholarly literature from the web. It covers the index of online academic and peer reviewed research journals articles, books, book chapters, proceedings & conference papers, dissertations, research theses, patents, technical report etc. Also provides the managing research data of academic individuals with their research productivity and similar research building facility.


Google Shopping

It is Google shopping search engine to search Google products across online shops from different websites and compare prices between different online vendors. It best feature covers the Price comparison facility to index and listing the products.


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